Thursday, 23 April 2015


Love can be a crazy thing and it can drive you insane. But when you know that your in love when every time you look at the one person, you feel butterflies in your stomach, warmth in your heart, and having a constant smile on your face. When you look down at your phone and just wish that that one special person had text you, and even though they haven’t, you just want to text them again and again and make them understand how special they are to you. 

Time on this earth is precious, because we never know when that last day is going to be. We never know when we are going to take that last breathe or close our eyes for the very last time. So that’s why we have to spend every minute we have appreciating life, the people around us, the ones who care for us and love us, and let them know at every opportunity you can to just share what they mean to you. 

I am in love with one boy, and he was my first love, my childhood sweetheart and i have battled so much to get him back in my life. Now he is mine, i want to tell the whole world that he is mine forever. We used to fall out over silly things, but we were only young. We have only been back together for a short while, but i feel like that we have been back together for years; and i wouldn't change one single second of it even if i had the chance to. 

Luke Adam Carter, i will always love you, no matter what.

Your princess xox

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