Saturday, 25 April 2015



So i’ve recently decided that i no longer want half of the junk in my bedroom/wardrobe and i have used to junk wisely. I am selling it through the app, Depop, which is basically like Instagram i think with the added ‘buy’ button. 

Basically, you can upload up to four photos of your item, write a description, link your PayPal account, put a price in and away you go - you wait for someone to purchase your things (or junk as you like to call it.) As they do say, one mans junk is another mans treasure, and they certainly are not wrong about that one. 

Don’t get me wrong, Depop does have it’s downsides, like when people offer you £1 and your item is up for sale for £10, you are sat there thinking come on love don’t take the P**S!! 

But anyway, it was a way to make me that extra bit of money and also to get rid of the junk that is stored in my bedroom for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Follow me on Depop and see if you want any of my useless junk - you may think it is treasure. 


Until next time…

Shelby xox

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