Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Miami Beach

So, last week my parents flew off to Miami Beach, FL, USA. I'm actually quite jealous as this is only the second long holiday they have been on without me and I'm really missing them already. My boyfriend has moved in to my house for two weeks... and it is amazing! I literally enjoy every second of living with him (even though he leaves clothes, rubbish and pots everywhere!!)

I never thought I could pass as the domestic type but the more I think about it - the more I realise I can do this. I've been doing the washing, the ironing, the cleaning and the cooking and I honestly don't even mind doing it. Everyone claims that this is what women are for, but I'd like to see a man tidy a house as spotless as a women.

Seeing mum and dad enjoying themselves on their holibobs makes me so happy. And it has also gave me and Luke a chance to realise we can actually live together, and now he has a job, his next plan is definitely for is to get our own house - which I cannot wait for!! :D 

I love him so much and he makes me smile from ear to ear every single day. Wouldn't change the past 6 and half months, even if I had the chance to.

Until the next post...