Friday, 20 March 2015

Car Insurance

Who will agree with me that car insurance is a pain in the backside? I’ve been driving for a year now (only just) and i’ve had to go through the whole shenanigans of renewing my car insurance. Some of the quotes you receive are bloody preposterous. 

Baring in mind that i only have a one litre corsa, 2006 registered, some of the quotes you get back are more expensive than the actual car was in the first place. I dont understand how some companies actually gain any money and are still going with silly prices like that.

It seems weird looking back and thinking that i have been driving a year, I’m 19 in 2 months and even that hasn’t sunk in yet - and i have also been in my job a year next month, everything is just moving far too fast.

Any way enough of my ramblings, speak to you all soon.

Shelby xox

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