Tuesday, 7 July 2015


So, my holiday excitement can no longer be contained.... I'm going to Benidorm a week tomorrow with my gorgeous fiancé, and my amazing parents and all their 'crew'! Online check in is open tomorrow, holiday shopping is fully complete - I think - and I just can't wait to be chilling on the beach or sipping on a cocktail. 

I think it's really cute how it's the first holiday abroad that Luke is going on, and I'm even more excited that he is sharing that experience with me. I first went on holiday when I was three months old and have been at least once a year since then, so in some respects I'm quite lucky. 

Benidorm is one of my all time favourite places to go because not only is it a great tourist attraction but it is also a wonderful place to see. People think it's just full of idiots like the ITV show but believe me when I say it really isn't. I have now been for potentially the last 7 or 8 years, and every hotel I've stayed in hadn't got a single fault I could point out. Clean bed sheets, fresh towels, and wifi on tap. 

There are amazing pubs, the beach is delightful, the hotels are off the scale and the atmosphere is fantastic. 9 out of 10 people you walk past in the street are English, but that's what makes Benidorm so excellent. 

Got all the essentials necessary; lots of bikinis, sun cream, sunglasses, shorts, and my new Tommy Hilfiger flip flops courtesy of my mothers trip to Miami. I'm sure I will be rambling on whilst I'm away, so keep an eye out for the updates whilst over in Sunny Spain. 



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